. Life is a Struggle .

“Life is a struggle”, my father says. He tells me stories about great men who struggled to survive, of people who struggle for a two square meal a day, of men who became something from nothing and that of his own life. He has seen it all, lived it all and is probably still experiencing it. Life is a struggle, at every step. And when struggle knocks at your door, it is not to be ignored. For it is struggle alone that makes you a man.

There are millions of fans of great actors, who are handsome, rich of course and can probably act well. But the people we call great are sometimes not that great in themselves. People born with a silver spoon in their mouths are not worth being called great men in my eyes, unless and until they have done something to turn that silver spoon into a golden one.

I respect self-made men a lot. The ones who have not known of riches since childhood, the ones who have seen the worse of life and then with hard work witnessed the best of it. The ones who know what it takes to be where they are. The ones who respect and love what they do. The ones who know the worth of every single rupee that they earn.

Examples are unending. You would not even know that such a person exists around you. Self-made men are not just the ones who are famous all over the world, but they exist in every country, every city, every neighbourhood. To be self-made is to stand up on one’s own feet and take their life from one step on the ladder to the next. It doesn’t matter whether they are on the lowest, the middle or way up. The ladder of success is never ending.

Someone who has been on the lowest step of the ladder, starving for food, and takes an initiative to do something in life by working hard and earning for the family is a self made man. Someone who could barely manage a meal and did child labour, but still managed to study in tits and bits, here and there, and made himself capable of educating himself is a self made man. Someone who barely had the resources to study in a school and did not know of riches, but managed to work hard and get a well reputed job, is a self made man. Also, someone who had everything in life, including a good school, a good family, good friends and a lot of money, but still decided to work harder to take the family to even greater heights, is a self made man.

Struggle is not just a way up the success ladder. Struggle is not just about riches. It is a part of life. It is like a bitter medicine which cures us. Of which disease? The disease of the easy going attitude of humans, of the laziness of humans, the pride of humans. It is only through struggle that one realizes the true purpose of life. Which is duty. Duty as a member of a family. Duty as a human. Struggle leads us to a better way of life. When you cross the bridge of struggle, on the other end of it you’ll meet a new you. Someone who is humble and respects true dedication. Then you would become an idol to many and would also lend a hand to the ones below you, because you would know what it is to be in their place.

Make something of your life and of the opportunities you have. Even if they are little, they can lead to a lot more. Even a cobbler’s son can study and become an officer.  Even a person who enjoyed tea at a road side stall can work hard enough to be able to dine in a five star hotel. Each one of us can achieve a lot better than what we already have. Through struggle.

If you have all the riches in the world, If you have a lot of money to spend, Don’t spend it on things which slip away in a snap. Spend it for someone who wishes to work hard and become something in life. Spend it on your own self, for your own betterment. If your father says that he struggled in life and set up a huge business so that his children don’t have to struggle, say “No, you’re wrong.” Struggle is your right. Struggle is what you deserve to experience in life. If your father set up a business, take it to greater heights. Work towards enriching the fruits of his struggle. Make it a part of your struggle too. Don’t let those wonderful blessings drown into alcohol and the fake bling of life.

If you have nothing, make something. If you were born with a silver spoon, turn it into a golden one.


. Silence of the Night .


The rush hour has passed.
The usual phase has come to start.
The rain is pouring hard outside.
I lie down and wonder
with sleepy eyes.

There’s a storm outside,
and there’s a storm inside.
Both are equally strong.
Life takes its own turns.
But maybe it’s never wrong.
Another day has gone.
But I know, life goes on.

In the silence of the night,
I find my strength.
In the silence of the night,
I find my hope.
In the silence of the night,
I’m never alone.
I hold a court of thoughts.
With my heart on the throne.

It’s the silence of the night.
And it says,
“Everything will be alright.”

. A Girl and A Bird .


In harsh voices they shout,
“You’re a girl, you’re a girl!”,
In reality and in dreams,
I feel like a bird.

That little creature is not
Always a symbol of freedom.
Like us, her life has changed
From season to season.
I see her flying in the sky,
It reminds me of the dreams
That occur to me,
Silently in my bed when I lie.
She has the infinite blue ocean
Up and below, to wander.
I have an ocean of desires,
That play in my head
When I wonder.

My dreams of freedom,
Her life’s beautiful season,
Both are brutally beaten.
She is put into a beautiful cage,
With fluttering of wings,
She shows her rage.
Is there no difference in our lives?
I too live in a cage,
One which seems beautiful from outside.

And Oh yes I know
where the difference is sown :
Her beautiful cage,
can be seen by all.
But mine has impenetrable,
invisible walls.

. The Heart and the Mind .


God created the body,
And out came the heart and mind.
The heart was happy and full of joy.
The mind was quick and thought of heart as just a toy.

I am mighty, I am sharp.
out loud said the mind.
To which said the heart ,
I am gentle , I am Childish
I cant be anything but kind.

Then and there the battle began,
All alone, each one took a stand.
There were discussions and arguments for hours,
But nobody to tell who was at power.

Yes, in God’s eyes they were equally made,
But the mind wouldn’t let his position fade.
A quick blow to heart it gave,
And settled on the top to make it its slave.

The heart would weep and cry in the corner,
Just one thing now would make him a warner :
So he said, even though you are above,
My dear, you’ll never be able to love.

With the truth the mind was now enlightened,
Never again did it start a fight,
Accepted the truth and rested at its place,
Never again did they ever face.

According to me, the clever is a fool.
Innocence will forever be a stronger tool.
Now its upto you to make the choice.
With which one would you want to rejoice ?

. She’s Afraid .

Those eyes,
Those scary eyes.
They make her shiver.
They make her tremble.

A walk alone, down the road
Is like a walk down hell.
Dogs seem less harmful.
But these humans
Appear like scavengers.

Is being beautiful a crime?
Or being a woman is her fault?
These greedy looks and words
Never come to a halt.

Even as an innocent child,
When she did not know
The meaning of the devil’s eye,
She was helpess.
As a young girl, or as a woman
And even as an old lady,
She is helpess.

She’s afraid of the dark.
She’s afraid of the light.
She’s afraid to go out.
She’s afraid to live her life.
All because of those scary eyes.

This is not Earth.
Oh this is hell.
Does someone have
A helping hand to lend?
Look, the world of women
has already come to an end. Image

. Miles to walk .

There still are miles to walk.
There still are hurdles to flock.
Don’t feel weary.
There’s so much to see in life.
Every phase has its own light.

Happiness takes birth from sorrow.
From its youth it grows.
It blooms and glows.
And then one day, sorrow lies
in the womb of happiness.
From its youth it grows.
Weary and old.
And once again then,
When you lose all hope,
Happiness takes birth.

If there’s darkness tonight,
The sun will swallow it.
If you’re deprived of hope,
To hold onto, you’ll find a rope.
If it seems like the end,
Let tomorrow be a new start.

Don’t feel weary.
It’s just the beginning.
Miles to walk.
New doors to knock!

Don’t feel weary.
It’s not the end.
Life is hope.
Let it be renewed!