. The Ruins of an Era .

Ransacked beauty, mighty walls.
A void is left in the princely halls.

The hustle-bustle was a wondrous sight,
Those times when plans of war
were plotted all night.

The corridors, the carved jalis,
the steep staircases, the flowing fountains,
a palace was residence that housed thousands.

In the silence of the night,
sweet laughter echoed all around.
Lovers met secretly in dark corners,
in hope of not being found.
Lifetimes were lived,
creativity never missed.
Art forms did flourish,
under the sunlight, the moonlight,
and the flicker of lamps,
the wonders of life did not perish.

Oh what a time that was!
The ruins of an era,
are standing with courage,
listening to tourists as they applause.
And the little birds wander
into every corner,
maybe they can see sights of the past,
and so they seem like the only mourners.



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