. Miles to walk .

There still are miles to walk.
There still are hurdles to flock.
Don’t feel weary.
There’s so much to see in life.
Every phase has its own light.

Happiness takes birth from sorrow.
From its youth it grows.
It blooms and glows.
And then one day, sorrow lies
in the womb of happiness.
From its youth it grows.
Weary and old.
And once again then,
When you lose all hope,
Happiness takes birth.

If there’s darkness tonight,
The sun will swallow it.
If you’re deprived of hope,
To hold onto, you’ll find a rope.
If it seems like the end,
Let tomorrow be a new start.

Don’t feel weary.
It’s just the beginning.
Miles to walk.
New doors to knock!

Don’t feel weary.
It’s not the end.
Life is hope.
Let it be renewed!


2 thoughts on “. Miles to walk .

  1. Every day is a new day filled with memories to create,secret to share,happiness and sorrow to feel.Though the heart longs for something better yet the combination of dark and light add meaning to our lives…Nicely written.

  2. Aekansh Bange says:

    Simran di, just fascinated by u yar!, love your writing skills, just luv it when i find such thinkers around me.Makes me feel like i’m in the right place … 😀

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