. Passions .

Ever tasted madness? That madness for something which drives you crazy, which makes you dream with open eyes, which fills your being with an indescribable joy, which makes you feel on the top of the world, which makes you envision your goal every minute of your life? If you have a passion, you know exactly what I’m talking about. This intense feeling, I believe, deserves to be placed next to love, which they say is the most beautiful of all. The feeling of having a passion in life, for me is surely equal or even much greater than that.

Passion, it could be anything. An art form, reading, writing, a sport, travelling, discovering, a person, or simply a wish or goal in life. When you discover your passion, your life changes. It’s like you’ve been born again. You have something to live for. Something to dream of. Life becomes what it really should become. “Simple joys”. The kind of happiness that a passion for something can give you, is incomparable. It is simple in the sense that it is pious. It’s just you and your passion. You see nothing else. You could give up everything to live for your passion.

Life is long and hard. Each day is a struggle to survive, and happiness is hard to preserve. It slips away as soon as it comes. We wish it was a permanent guest, but it is not. Never is. But the journey of life has a madness called “passion” in store for each one of us. Happiness and sorrows may come and go, but your passion will stay with you throughout. It will provide you with strength, hope, satisfaction and peace. It may even bring failure, because it’s a part of life. But if your passion is immensely strong, failure would be accepted as a guest by you. Welcome it with open arms, for it is failure alone that will make you work towards your goal harder. Stand up again and feel the power of your passion.

The lamp of passion has the tendency to burn bright all through your life, if you are ready to protect it with your hands on windy days.
Discover the burning blaze of passion for something in you. Within your heart, there’s a longing for something. Within yourself there’s a desire for something. In your eyes, there are dreams. Live for them. Live with a passion that can drive you crazy, for it is the only faithful companion in this journey of life.


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