. She’s Afraid .

Those eyes,
Those scary eyes.
They make her shiver.
They make her tremble.

A walk alone, down the road
Is like a walk down hell.
Dogs seem less harmful.
But these humans
Appear like scavengers.

Is being beautiful a crime?
Or being a woman is her fault?
These greedy looks and words
Never come to a halt.

Even as an innocent child,
When she did not know
The meaning of the devil’s eye,
She was helpess.
As a young girl, or as a woman
And even as an old lady,
She is helpess.

She’s afraid of the dark.
She’s afraid of the light.
She’s afraid to go out.
She’s afraid to live her life.
All because of those scary eyes.

This is not Earth.
Oh this is hell.
Does someone have
A helping hand to lend?
Look, the world of women
has already come to an end. Image


3 thoughts on “. She’s Afraid .

  1. jiya says:


  2. divjot says:

    love this 🙂 very well said

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