. Voice of a loved one – From heaven and beyond .

Once upon a time,
I walked on the sands
Of a deserted beach.
On a starry windy night,
Oh! How beautiful was that sight!
But my heart was heavy with pain,
The loss of a friend
had made me go insane.

In the beautiful silence,
I wanted to rejoice.
But the weight of my heart
Left me with no choice.
Every part of me was weeping at the loss.
The bridge of sorrow,
Will I ever be able to cross?

The cool breezes of the sea,
Woke up to dry my tears.
The moonlit sky doubled the beauty
To give pleasure to my eyes.
But all I could see were the memories,
Flashing like lightning in the sky.

Will those days never come back?
I heard myself shout.
Just then I saw a staircase,
Near the shore , coming out.
I heard my name being called
From under the water.
Gentle was its sound,
Like a mother calling her daughter.

As I descended the last step,
A mermaid held out her hand,
To help me stand.
Her eyes were blue,
And her face had a charming glow.
As soon as she touched me,
I saw my fishtale grow.

We swam into the depths.
Swirling in this new-found world,
I held by breath.
The fishes gave me a welcoming applause,
When suddenly I shivered
And came to a halt.

I saw a huge palace
With Golden gates,
Another beautiful mermaid
Standing in wait.
She crowned me with rubies
And took me inside.
As we swam through the corridors,
I asked her why!

“Your friend is waiting my dear.
For days she’s been weeping,
She wants you near.”
But she passed away months ago!
How can it be so?

We’ve reached the throne of pearl.
I see a mermaid weeping,
Like an innocent little girl.
Her tears in the water,
Shine so bright!
She comes close
And hugs me tight.

“Oh my lovely,
how I missed you.
Time is running,
So let me just say what I have to.
I’ve seen you crying all night.
Silently I hugged you tight.
I’ve hardly seen you speaking.
So much inside yourself you’re keeping.
But I know your thoughts,
And I know you miss me a lot.
I can’t see you upset,
It makes me suffer too.
I’m still here, in your joys
And in your blues.
When the wind dries your tears,
Don’t you feel I am near?
When you see the shining stars,
I’m smiling at you from far.

Don’t give up on this wonderful life.
You have so much to live for,
My friend, please don’t cry!
There’s a world under the sea,
And a world across the skies.
Don’t worry my love,
Somewhere, I’ll always be alive.”
My face lights up with a smile,
And I hug, with tears of joy in my eyes.

Just then I hear
the sound of heavy rain outside.
I’ve opened my eyes
To a renewed life.
“What a wonderful dream!”,
To myself I scream.
The smile is still intact.
Those words have had an impact.

I walk up to the terrace,
And drench myself in the rain.
With every breath I breathe,
I release the pain.
And just when I lift up my face,
Opening my arms to the sky,
thunder flashes bright,
And I know she’s there,
Though out of sight



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