. A Girl and A Bird .


In harsh voices they shout,
“You’re a girl, you’re a girl!”,
In reality and in dreams,
I feel like a bird.

That little creature is not
Always a symbol of freedom.
Like us, her life has changed
From season to season.
I see her flying in the sky,
It reminds me of the dreams
That occur to me,
Silently in my bed when I lie.
She has the infinite blue ocean
Up and below, to wander.
I have an ocean of desires,
That play in my head
When I wonder.

My dreams of freedom,
Her life’s beautiful season,
Both are brutally beaten.
She is put into a beautiful cage,
With fluttering of wings,
She shows her rage.
Is there no difference in our lives?
I too live in a cage,
One which seems beautiful from outside.

And Oh yes I know
where the difference is sown :
Her beautiful cage,
can be seen by all.
But mine has impenetrable,
invisible walls.


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