. The Heart and the Mind .


God created the body,
And out came the heart and mind.
The heart was happy and full of joy.
The mind was quick and thought of heart as just a toy.

I am mighty, I am sharp.
out loud said the mind.
To which said the heart ,
I am gentle , I am Childish
I cant be anything but kind.

Then and there the battle began,
All alone, each one took a stand.
There were discussions and arguments for hours,
But nobody to tell who was at power.

Yes, in God’s eyes they were equally made,
But the mind wouldn’t let his position fade.
A quick blow to heart it gave,
And settled on the top to make it its slave.

The heart would weep and cry in the corner,
Just one thing now would make him a warner :
So he said, even though you are above,
My dear, you’ll never be able to love.

With the truth the mind was now enlightened,
Never again did it start a fight,
Accepted the truth and rested at its place,
Never again did they ever face.

According to me, the clever is a fool.
Innocence will forever be a stronger tool.
Now its upto you to make the choice.
With which one would you want to rejoice ?


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