. Believe, and It Is .


I once read these words somewhere and they have been stuck in my mind ever since.
”Believe, and it is.”

Someone or the other is always telling us about right and wrong. But really, there is no right and there is no wrong. Everything is Belief. And only that. We think about life and struggle to know what it really is all about. We read about it, hear about it, discuss about it, and yet there is no definite conclusion as to why we’re here on Earth and what is the purpose of life. We might have come to believe certain things about life on the basis of what our elders told us or what we saw or experienced. But every human doesn’t get to interact with the same set of humans and every human doesn’t go through the same experiences in life. Our thoughts are shaped according to that, and that is why we’re all so different in our way of thinking. And we all do have the right to think and try to understand life.
Nobody might have come to the rightful conclusion, but it doesn’t make us stop. And neither does anyone have the right to tell us whether what we’re thinking is right or wrong.
Some people, for example, don’t believe in love. There might be plenty of reasons for that. But then there are some others who strongly believe in it, based on what they have experienced. There also might be some others who have had no experience or bad experience of love, and yet they strongly believe in it because of what they’ve heard and what they’ve seen.
So it all comes down to belief.
It might be shaped according to different factors, but it is safe to say that our beliefs are our own creations in some way or the other. We do have control over it, even though we might not have any control over our destiny. But if we can make ourselves believe in something, it can show us the way to go on with our lives.
So if we do have control on our beliefs, why not let them be based on something very optimistic?

If you really wish for something in life, if you really hope for something in life, then believe in it.
When you believe in something, your thoughts add life to it. It doesn’t take a million people to certify something as right or wrong. There is no universal definition for that. But when you believe that something exists, or will exist, it does.
It might take some time for dreams and hopes to come true, but it is worth the wait.
Life doesn’t come with guarantee cards for happiness. Our thoughts are all we really have control over. So we must strive to build our thoughts into positive beliefs . And that is how we can make our dreams come true.
Because when you believe in something, it starts to exist.