Under the Stars .

Yesterday, I lived one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. Its nothing great as such, might be irrelevant for many, but for me – it was life in a moment.

I remember writing a few years ago about how I wished to live in complete unison with nature. How I wanted to lay down under a night sky full of stars and forget that there existed a world down here.
Last night I did exactly that, here in France. I’ve been living here since few months in a city called Rouen, west of Paris. It is a beautiful historic town, almost as good as Paris, with the Seine flowing by. Afterall thats what gives Paris most of its charm too – The Seine. And ofcourse, the hills and residences up on the hills from where you can see the views of the entire city. I did that in Montmartre – a hill in Paris and also, up the Eiffel tower. And then yesterday, it was time to witness another town from the top.

It was 3 am, and we had had a good time out on the Friday night. But before heading back home, we decided to take a different turn and go straight up to the top of the hilly areas from where one can have the best views of Rouen. It was chilly. It was very chilly. Ofcourse, its a February night afterall. The winds were blowing way too hard, and I couldn’t feel my body. But the view that my eyes beheld, was all that I needed to feel in that moment. I like how we have electricity in the 21st century and in such scenarios, we can see towns lit up all yellow and orangey and white during the night time.


The Seine, and the city of Rouen all lit up. (Click on the picture to enlarge it)

But what was even more breathtaking was not in front of my eyes. To see the better of the world, I had to lift my head up, and in that moment I felt the wind on my face even more strongly, but the happiness of being alive, all over my senses.

There were so many stars up there. SO many! And we could spot a constellation! The Big Dipper!

Its sad that to see the stars these days, we need to go to special places like little towns, hilly areas and such. We can barely see any stars in the big cities. But once in a while, we get to experience things like this, and in that moment, you can be sure that you live in a magical world. Just that we’ve forgotten how to see that magic, while looking out for inventions that are apparently ‘magical’ , yet cost us a fortune.
But here was something that took my breath away. I forgot all about the lit up city down below, with all the yellow, orangey and white lights, and my eyes were fixed up there in the sky. Soon my neck started paining, so I had to have a more comfortable view. So, I found a bench right there, closed the zipper of my coat, lay down under the sky. My friends, already freezing, went back into the car, but I asked for a few more minutes to live those moments, before we headed back home.

Now it was just me , and the stars. For those few moments, the only colours I could see were black and white. Shining bright. My face was definitely as bright as one of the stars, and my eyes twinkling, just as one of them.
There, for a few moments, I let myself forget that there was life full of struggle down below in the city where I lived. Because here in this moment, I was myself, where I wanted to be, and fully and happily alive. It was life in life.


Rouen , France. Sadly, I couldn’t take a clear picture of the starry sky, because my iPhone 4 camera sucks big time. But I leave it to the reader’s imagination to paint a picture of what was there up above. (Click on the picture to enlarge it)


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