From Bergamo, Italy .

Bergamo, Italy

Right now I’m sitting somewhere up in the hills in this pretty little town called Bergamo in Italy, near Milan.
Its all about nature here. Even from our hostel balcony, we could see the hills and mountains and now this morning, we came up here on one of the hills.

1507704_991515904194644_2624801195854359802_n unnamed

Its very bright and sunny. There are beautiful trees all around, and scattered dry leaves. We can see other hills and mountains from here, and at this moment , I’m completely at home with nature. And at peace. I have seen all that I ever wanted to. Been in all the places that I wanted to be in. The kind of things that I wrote about in my journal. And now I am here. Where I always wanted to be. Strange how some dreams eventually come true. Life isn’t all that cruel afterall. Like I always say, Its a bittersweet symphony.


And here, a poem, to the loves of my life – Trees.

High up above,
standing tall.

Through the chills,
and the rains.
Through the sun,
And the snow.
Seasons change,
But life is the same.

Sitting up here,
I see them smiling,
knowing that life is the same,
for humans and nature.
Its a struggle
for everything alive,
for everything that breathes.


2 thoughts on “From Bergamo, Italy .

  1. Beautiful lines.. your travel blog is nice

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