A world without fiction .


I’ve heard people saying that novels and movies are escapes from reality. That life is something else. Life is real, and not a fantasy. That happiness and love are exaggerated in the fictitious world. But have you ever imagined what life would be like without the fictitious world?
Some might lose so much that they hold close to their hearts. Some might struggle to cope with the reality. Some might while their time away in silence. Some might feel emptiness more than ever. Some might lose all the hope that they have, or could have had.
The books that we read and the fiction that we see, are so much more than just things to read or see. People who hold them close to their hearts, would totally agree. The world of fiction is not an escape, but an attempt to connect to the reality of somebody. .. Everytime I watch a movie or read a book, I wonder if there are people somewhere in this world who have lived these stories for real? And why not? If somebody can imagine it, why can it not be? And this is just about the usual stories that we see or read. Stories of loss, love, hope, pain and anger and emptiness. Stories of emotions that we all feel. No matter where we are on Earth.
And then there are stories of magic. Take for example, the fairytales that we have all grown up with. If fairytales were such lies, why would we let generations after generations grow up with a lie? But no, I don’t believe it is. Just like so many unsolved mysteries of human life, this is another mystery. Magic.
For those of us who are so rooted into the reality, it might be meaningless. But people like me, we would always like to believe that some sort of magic exists in this world and in this life. Maybe not the kind that makes us ride on brooms , but who knows? Maybe in some other world? In another time? In another place? In a different era? Doesn’t this world of fiction gives us hope?
Hope to believe in magic. Hope to believe in kindness and goodness and happiness, even though each one of us suffers so much in life?
But doesn’t a happy ending of a book or a movie bring a smile to your face? Doesn’t it give you hope to live out your life to fulfil all your dreams? Doesn’t it shake you from within when you see or read a story that is similar to yours? Doesn’t it gives you courage when you connect to a story that is fiction to you but might be a reality for someone?
And that is why, the world of fiction is a blessing to us. It is hope, not an escape. And what’s the harm in hoping a little, and living a little?
So if a story makes you hope and thus gives you happiness, there’s nothing wrong in believing in it. Because happiness, even if it exists just for an instant, is a true blessing in life. It is not something which happens to us every day. But moments of happiness together in life, make up for a bright and hopeful happy ending. Cheers and smiles! 🙂


2 thoughts on “A world without fiction .

  1. Amen! Hope is the driving force in my writing!

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