Dreams of a Lost Lover .

Painting by Raja Ravi Varma (19th Century)

Painting by Raja Ravi Varma (19th Century)

In that faraway land of dreams,
where we spent lifetimes together,
I saw you again last night.
After God knows how long a separation,
only this time to be your bride.

I knew it wasn’t in this century
for I could hear no horns
and feel no comforts of luxury.
Only the laughter of our families,
who were going to become one like us.

And the tender touch of the evening wind,
which I was sure had surrounded you too,
in the awe of your presence.

There was no loud music blaring,
only the women singing and making
melodies, with everything at hand.

I passed them by with a lamp in my hand,
but a veil over my face.
I could wait no longer to be near you.
So as you had had it whispered,
I came running through those dusky streets,
bare feet, and breathing heavy.

The temple of Mahakal
where you had asked me to meet you ,
was where I prayed day and night.
wishing for none other than you.

And then , when I saw that look
in your eyes, standing in front
of the Shivalingam,
I instantly became one with you,
and my Mahadev, who brought you to me.


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