चलते रहे यूँही .


Image source : Tumblr

चलते रहे यूँही,
ज़िंदगी के पन्ने भरते हुए.

कुछ डरते हुए,
कुछ पल-पल मरते हुए.

मिलते रहे यूँही,
अपने जैसे इंसानों को.

कुछ इन्सानी भेस में राक्शस,
कुछ इंसानी भेस में भगवानों को.


This Silence .


This silence,
in the ever bustling nature
takes me beyond my own self.
The voices in my head go mute,
when the bees buzz and the birds chirp.

I can’t think of my worries anymore
and plot no revenge, when I lay down
under the blue of the infinite sky.

Oh these wonders of nature!
Mingled with them,
I’m not a human of my generation anymore.

In the woods .


A photograph from my last vacation to Brittany, France.

Secretly talking,
under the breath of the wind,
gloomy and wild beyond repair.

The woods are a secret pathway
to nobody knows what.
Yet we walk ahead, with visions
of solace in wilderness.

Crunching the corpses,
tumbling on stones,
we walk ahead,
into the dark of the daylight.

Standing tall,
even when nature’s dead around,
and nothing but memories on the ground.

A call from deep within,
and sounds mistaken for noises.
All at once, too many voices.

The woods are old,
and closed to us.
Yet we walk ahead,
looking for something unusual.
But we only end up finding,
an echo of human life.