The Cries of a Woman .


She cried out her first breath
And everyone frowned.
A girl once again was added to the count.

Childhood was a happy affair,
Sisters gave love to their like,
Knowing what life had in store to strike.
But few years of happiness pass in a snap,
As she saw her little brother

being caressed in her mother’s lap.
She herself grew into a beautiful being.
But her beauty and charms
nobody was seeing.

Day and night
she saw the young one’s happy life,

she too was free in the sky like a kite.
But day by day
she saw her hands growing pale,
Realizing now
that she was nothing but a female.

Years later
when she felt a hand strike her face,
She knew now
this was another painful phase.
Her husband stood in pride,
Demanding a sum of dowry from his wife.

Another year went by,
And she smiled through pain
as she heard her baby girl cry.
But she realized
that pain was still waiting in tons,
When she heard
her husband howling for a son.

She sailed through a few more years,
Making her girl smile
through her own tears.
Until once again
her husband made his demands,
Hitting her in anger
as soon as she refused the command.

“If you can’t bring money,
you deserve to die.”
“I have a baby to take care of”,
she cried.
“Alas, only if you had given birth to a male,
But now I can’t hold the burden of two females.”

She howled in fear,
As she felt her end near.
She howled in pain,
As she fell down in the flames.

And then she cried out her last breath,
Happy to be finally free,
nearing her death.


Keep on Holding .


You and I are blind men,
walking on a dark road.
He who is holding the lantern,
is also testing our patience.
So don’t stop dreaming, don’t cease your hopes.
You never know how close is the end of the rope.
Keep holding on tight,
Let not the sweat shake you with fright.
Dream of the delights at the end of the road.
Let not the boat of faith drown with tempting load.

To The Children We’ll Have ..


Picture Source : Tumblr

Dear baby,

I am writing to you way before you would learn your alphabets. Way before you would take your first step, and way before you would breathe in this world. But it is important that I communicate my thoughts to you right now, from the world where I live, because I’m sure its not going to be the same when you start to grow up.

When I was a child of your age, I, and all my friends were eager to grow up. And I think everyone who has been your age, certainly was. And I’m sure you too are. But don’t be, my baby. Growing up isn’t all that fun as it seems. You think we adults can do anything, take our decisions, and be free as a bird, whilst you are asked to follow rules, at home and at school. You are asked to talk in a polite manner, dress up nicely, and what not.

But we adults, when we have to choose and take our decisions, we mess it up. We don’t wanna do it, but we have to. We are scared, baby. We are really really scared deep down. We don’t wanna be responsible for our actions and thus we fear making decisions. We have forgotten all the lessons we were taught at school – the good manners – being polite, brushing our teeth twice a day, eating healthy, excercising, being organized, waking up early and so much more. We regret it today, because we don’t follow it anymore. But you, baby, don’t forgtet the moral lessons of life.

When I was younger, we used to go out to play and we’d play till the sun set, the mosquites started biting and till our mums called out to us for dinner. We played all kinds of games, running around, drawing on the ground, collecting stones, kicking footballs, hiding behinds walls, and building blocks. They might not be as innovative and exciting as the games you play all the time on your laptop, but trust me, they taught us a lot. If it hadn’t been for those games, we’d never have shared our childhood dreams with the children in the neighbourhood who turned best friends. We’d never have learnt how to work together and play together. We’d never have learnt how to deal with the company of so many others. We’d have dealt with humans as we grew up too, but what you experience in your childhood, stays with you. Thats when you accept more honestly, love more selflessly and care more naturally. Because then, you don’t know of the horrible notions and ideas that exist in the world. 

Baby, be good to others, and to yourself. Nothing matters more than the way you treat others, and the way you treat yourself. It is okay if someday in life you feel like you don’t have enough of something you want. You have what someone else might not have.
Respect everybody, and respect your elders. They are like those huge Banyan trees that you see in our village where I’d take you every year. Those Banyan trees have been there since a long, long time. They have dealt with extreme heat, thunderous rains and storms. And yet they stand there, mighty and tall. Don’t ignore them as you pass them by. Next time, look at them closely. You’ll know what I mean.

I won’t scold you or hit you if don’t get the highest grade in class. I would want you to do with all your heart what you really like doing. Because thats what would matter the most  when you’ve grown up. Unlike most us, don’t get stuck with a job you don’t care about. Be passionate about you do.

Baby, I still haven’t grown up fully as I write this to you. And I am as confused about life as any other person my age. But this life is so thrilling, yet mysterious, so depressing, yet joyful, so burdened, yet calm. There are days when we wish we didn’t have to deal with life. And there are days when we wish time would stop for us. Every day is not the same, baby. If today it rains, tomorrow the sun might shine. It is this uncertainty that makes life the bitter-sweet symphony that is.

If you’d be like the children growing up these days, surrounded by endless gadgets all day, I’d be really sad. This is the golden time of your life, baby. There is nothing to discover in those screens, and in the four walled room that you live in. Go out, into the world. In a garden with trees and flowers. Walk barefeet on wet grass. Smell every flower that you see. Dance in the rain. Talk to children of your age. Laugh until you roll on the ground. See the sunset and try to paint it. Play hide n seek and invent your own games. And smile. Because this is the most beautiful time of your life. You might think we adults have more freedom, but to be honest, you’re the one who’s actually free. Free, from prejudices, ideas, ways and norms of society.
Rejoice in this moment, and in this day.

Lots of love,
your mother-to-be.

Brittany, France

I’m becoming slow in keeping the travel part of my blog updated. And now I already have two trips to write about! Starting with the first one – Brittany (Bretagne in French). This is a region in the West of France, famous for its beaches. I happened to be on this trip because of one of my really good friends (Jason) in Paris, whose mum was staying in this part of France. He was kind enough to invite us to go visit his place for a week, with his sister, who was going to drive us there from Paris. So thats how me and best friend, Shilpa, decided to hop on, with Anais, to Brittany! Girls roadtrip!

Its about a four hour drive from Paris, and its a beautiful drive through the countryside, as in any region of France. Countryside drives are always beautiful anywhere in the world no? All that greenery, fresh air, clouds, blue sky, loud music and stops for coffee on the highway. I love roadtrips! Well, who doesn’t?

So we got to Brittany late Sunday afternoon and had a wonderful lunch at their first house in a small town in the region, I dont remember the name of. Lasagna, with bread and cheese. And some wonderful cakes from a patisserie in town to follow. Very, very French delicious! It was a nice cozy house; very quiet and calm, with two adorable doggies – Framboise and Jippy.


The first house we stayed at.

In the evening we went out for a walk around the place. Green fields and narrow lanes. Kind of reminded me of Punjab, my ancestor’s hometown in India, where we go almost every year to visit relatives in the villages. Kind of made me think that life away from the city is kind of the same everywhere. Its all about being ‘en pleine nature’ – In the lap of nature. It was so quiet there, we could listen to the wind and the birds. That is one of my favourite kind of moments in life. When you can listen to even your own heart beating inside you, and the air so fresh, you cant help but breathe deep.

The next morning we moved to the main house, which was the one my friend in Paris had wanted us to see. He was really excited to know about our reactions to that place. And indeed, it was something that would have amazed us! A huge house right in the middle of a forest! For a nature lover like me, that was a heaven. That was my dream house! No doubts about that! I could have stayed their forever.


The second house.

A white cat joined the family now, and we spent the evening cuddling the cat and dogs, while sitting close to the fire and sipping tea, since it was pretty cold. These few days felt like we were back in time, living away from the new age world. As soon as we stepped out, all we could see were green fields and huge trees. Everywhere.


Fancy tea party by the fire.

We also went out for walks around the forest, learning about different kinds of flowers and trees. Aunty was really fond of picking and smelling the flowers. And I did the same! We discovered a lot of bluebell flowers, which smelled as good as pretty they looked! We also saw a deer running through the forest!!!! That was the first time I had seen something like that in real life, and it was indeed enchanting!


In the forest with the cat and dogs!

During the day time, we drove into the city to visit the beaches. We went to around 3-4 beaches. And happily it was quite sunny for the first few days! All the beaches were really pretty, my favourite being the first one, which was completely stranded at that time of the day, and where we also climed a hill for a breathtaking view! The colour of the water was absolutely gorgeous! It always looks prettier under the sun!



Me with Framboise and Jippy at the beach.

On our last day there, we went to the most hyped touristy place around that region. The Mont-Saint Michel. Which isnt really in the Brittany region, but in Normandy, which isnt that far. This is an abbey on the top of an island, which looks like a disney castle. I had actually read about it in one of the posts describing “must-visit-fairtytale-places-in-the-world”. And I wouldnt deny the fact that it actually looked like it had come straight out of a fairtytale. We went all the way up, walking through the narrow streets inside, which used to be a village where the monks lived. This was yet another delight for a history lover like me. But not to forget, the climb all the way up was really, really tiring!

We also went to visit one of their family friends in Dinard, which is apparently called the Monaco of Brittany, being an expensive town, and the beach looking similar to the ones there. No doubt the beach was pretty, with a view of Saint-Malo, where we had been right before getting to this town.


The beach at Dinard.

Saint-Malo is another famous tourist destination. Its a city inside a fortress! Now really, I hadn’t heard about anything like this before. It was quite different and another good dose history. It was drizzling too, so the town looked even prettier, as we walked along the fortress wall. This area was quite touritsty with too many shops and tourists. I dont really like these kind of places, but you do have to tick off the famous places and see what the hype is all about! The town was also full of ice-cream and waffle shops and we had a dose of that in one of the most famous shops there. Chocolate ice-cream + Real hot chococate + Chocolate waffle = Chocogasm and no chocolate for a week atleast! Haha! It was delicious though! 😀


Saint-Malo : The city inside a fortress, from the top of the fortress wall.

On the last day, we drove around the capital of the region- Rennes, since thats where our bus back to Paris was from! And that was one chilled out spring break vaction!! 😀