To The Children We’ll Have ..


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Dear baby,

I am writing to you way before you would learn your alphabets. Way before you would take your first step, and way before you would breathe in this world. But it is important that I communicate my thoughts to you right now, from the world where I live, because I’m sure its not going to be the same when you start to grow up.

When I was a child of your age, I, and all my friends were eager to grow up. And I think everyone who has been your age, certainly was. And I’m sure you too are. But don’t be, my baby. Growing up isn’t all that fun as it seems. You think we adults can do anything, take our decisions, and be free as a bird, whilst you are asked to follow rules, at home and at school. You are asked to talk in a polite manner, dress up nicely, and what not.

But we adults, when we have to choose and take our decisions, we mess it up. We don’t wanna do it, but we have to. We are scared, baby. We are really really scared deep down. We don’t wanna be responsible for our actions and thus we fear making decisions. We have forgotten all the lessons we were taught at school – the good manners – being polite, brushing our teeth twice a day, eating healthy, excercising, being organized, waking up early and so much more. We regret it today, because we don’t follow it anymore. But you, baby, don’t forgtet the moral lessons of life.

When I was younger, we used to go out to play and we’d play till the sun set, the mosquites started biting and till our mums called out to us for dinner. We played all kinds of games, running around, drawing on the ground, collecting stones, kicking footballs, hiding behinds walls, and building blocks. They might not be as innovative and exciting as the games you play all the time on your laptop, but trust me, they taught us a lot. If it hadn’t been for those games, we’d never have shared our childhood dreams with the children in the neighbourhood who turned best friends. We’d never have learnt how to work together and play together. We’d never have learnt how to deal with the company of so many others. We’d have dealt with humans as we grew up too, but what you experience in your childhood, stays with you. Thats when you accept more honestly, love more selflessly and care more naturally. Because then, you don’t know of the horrible notions and ideas that exist in the world. 

Baby, be good to others, and to yourself. Nothing matters more than the way you treat others, and the way you treat yourself. It is okay if someday in life you feel like you don’t have enough of something you want. You have what someone else might not have.
Respect everybody, and respect your elders. They are like those huge Banyan trees that you see in our village where I’d take you every year. Those Banyan trees have been there since a long, long time. They have dealt with extreme heat, thunderous rains and storms. And yet they stand there, mighty and tall. Don’t ignore them as you pass them by. Next time, look at them closely. You’ll know what I mean.

I won’t scold you or hit you if don’t get the highest grade in class. I would want you to do with all your heart what you really like doing. Because thats what would matter the most  when you’ve grown up. Unlike most us, don’t get stuck with a job you don’t care about. Be passionate about you do.

Baby, I still haven’t grown up fully as I write this to you. And I am as confused about life as any other person my age. But this life is so thrilling, yet mysterious, so depressing, yet joyful, so burdened, yet calm. There are days when we wish we didn’t have to deal with life. And there are days when we wish time would stop for us. Every day is not the same, baby. If today it rains, tomorrow the sun might shine. It is this uncertainty that makes life the bitter-sweet symphony that is.

If you’d be like the children growing up these days, surrounded by endless gadgets all day, I’d be really sad. This is the golden time of your life, baby. There is nothing to discover in those screens, and in the four walled room that you live in. Go out, into the world. In a garden with trees and flowers. Walk barefeet on wet grass. Smell every flower that you see. Dance in the rain. Talk to children of your age. Laugh until you roll on the ground. See the sunset and try to paint it. Play hide n seek and invent your own games. And smile. Because this is the most beautiful time of your life. You might think we adults have more freedom, but to be honest, you’re the one who’s actually free. Free, from prejudices, ideas, ways and norms of society.
Rejoice in this moment, and in this day.

Lots of love,
your mother-to-be.


2 thoughts on “To The Children We’ll Have ..

  1. Sapna Tileshra says:

    Teach them the joy of nothingness.
    The beauty of Here and Now.
    The love for Simplicity.

    Allow their minds to wander and be filled with wonder. For boredom to give birth th creativity.

    Ps: very well written Simran. Love reading your posts (:

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