The Cries of a Woman .


She cried out her first breath
And everyone frowned.
A girl once again was added to the count.

Childhood was a happy affair,
Sisters gave love to their like,
Knowing what life had in store to strike.
But few years of happiness pass in a snap,
As she saw her little brother

being caressed in her mother’s lap.
She herself grew into a beautiful being.
But her beauty and charms
nobody was seeing.

Day and night
she saw the young one’s happy life,

she too was free in the sky like a kite.
But day by day
she saw her hands growing pale,
Realizing now
that she was nothing but a female.

Years later
when she felt a hand strike her face,
She knew now
this was another painful phase.
Her husband stood in pride,
Demanding a sum of dowry from his wife.

Another year went by,
And she smiled through pain
as she heard her baby girl cry.
But she realized
that pain was still waiting in tons,
When she heard
her husband howling for a son.

She sailed through a few more years,
Making her girl smile
through her own tears.
Until once again
her husband made his demands,
Hitting her in anger
as soon as she refused the command.

“If you can’t bring money,
you deserve to die.”
“I have a baby to take care of”,
she cried.
“Alas, only if you had given birth to a male,
But now I can’t hold the burden of two females.”

She howled in fear,
As she felt her end near.
She howled in pain,
As she fell down in the flames.

And then she cried out her last breath,
Happy to be finally free,
nearing her death.


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