This Silence .


This silence,
in the ever bustling nature
takes me beyond my own self.
The voices in my head go mute,
when the bees buzz and the birds chirp.

I can’t think of my worries anymore
and plot no revenge, when I lay down
under the blue of the infinite sky.

Oh these wonders of nature!
Mingled with them,
I’m not a human of my generation anymore.


In the woods .


A photograph from my last vacation to Brittany, France.

Secretly talking,
under the breath of the wind,
gloomy and wild beyond repair.

The woods are a secret pathway
to nobody knows what.
Yet we walk ahead, with visions
of solace in wilderness.

Crunching the corpses,
tumbling on stones,
we walk ahead,
into the dark of the daylight.

Standing tall,
even when nature’s dead around,
and nothing but memories on the ground.

A call from deep within,
and sounds mistaken for noises.
All at once, too many voices.

The woods are old,
and closed to us.
Yet we walk ahead,
looking for something unusual.
But we only end up finding,
an echo of human life.

The Songbirds.

The song of the birds at dawn
echos all day.
Could someone attempt to decipher
the cry of the songbirds?
Since the beginning of time,
they’re crying out.
Till the end of time, they will.

O sweet Lord of the Universe,
give us the understanding
of this language unknown to our ears.
We’ve reached the moon
and wandered in the mighty skies.
Yet we fail to understand
when at dawn these little creatures cry.

Giverny – Heaven on Earth!


Okaaaaaay, so finally I’m here writing this blog post. Its been almost two weeks since I visited this heavenly town, Giverny in France, but I wasn’t getting any time to sit peacefully and write this experience down. But now here I am!

For those of you who’ve never heard about this place, let me tell you thats its famous for Claude Monet’s House and Gardens . Its here that you can find the famous water lilies that Monet painted. And thats not the only attraction. That might be the best one, but there’s so much more to it.
So, like any other tourist, I had this town on my list for the very same reason. Claude Monet’s House and Gardens.

I was travelling here from Rouen, so one has to take a train to Vernon, and then a bus to Giverny, which takes you directly near the famous tourist spot.
Its wasn’t just Giverny, but Vernon too, that looked so alluring. The huge windows of the bus allowed a magnificient view of the city around, as the bus passed the streets of Vernon to get to Giverny.
Once there, we had to walk for 5 minutes to reach the ticket counter of Monet’s House and Gardens.
It was quite a pleasant day. The sun was out and undoubtedly were the tourists. For a second, I felt as if it wasn’t an actual town, but just a movie set. created for people to walk by and enjoy. It all seemed so unreal. Like another world. Rue Monet (Monet’s street) had pretty vintage looking houses on either side, and flowers in full bloom. It was May afterall! And this was just the street! Imagine what more would have been in store for us inside the actual garden!!

I couldn’t wait any longer, so I quickly bought the ticket and went in . Funnily enough, the souvenir shop comes before the actual place. But later it seemed justified because we had to go back via the same route to exit.

So, as soon as you step into the garden, all you see is Green. Haha, how stupid of me to say that! But, well, Green makes me very excited, so I’m stressing on that obvious fact. Also, isn’t that absolutely amazing? I love how there are places where all you can see is the colour green! Thats the most peaceful thing that I can let my eyes see.
Being the typical nature lover and tree lover , my eyes went like – Well, Thank you for the springtime treat! Haha 🙂


We walked around the garden, which was perfectly designed. The inner rows were not accessible to public, since they were quite narrow. Fair enough. So we had to walk only in most of the outer space. The main attraction in the first set of gardens were the tulips. Pretty pink and red tulips. Right in front of the huge house, that was Monet’s.


Next , we followed the sign board that said ‘Water Lily Pond’. Ahaan! That was what everyone was looking forward to! We had to cross an underground tunnel to reach the other set of gardens. In Monet’s times, this used to be a road, instead of a tunnel.

The other set of gardens was full of small green bridges. (Here you can imagine how I must be smiling at all that green! I love the person who renovated/desigened all this) .. Narrow streams and small bridges. Sounds like fairlyland eh?


We walked along the perimeter of the garden and crossing another bridge in the middle, we reached the most magnificient bridge and pond, which was in the center of this garden. Yes, that was the famous Water Lily Pond! And yes, it deserved to be famous!



This birdge was bigger than the others, and was covered with purple flowers. Aaaaaaaah. It looked absolutely gorgeous! And this bridge looked upon the pond which was supposed to be filled with the water lilies that Monet painted. At this point of time they weren’t in full bloom, but we could make out that this was supposed to be it. In any case, it looked heavenly!

11291935_1023771057635795_329818251_n 11303539_1023771087635792_1185086557_n 11257718_1023773754302192_1463052611_n 11253780_1023771124302455_2145431137_n

Well, that was all for the gardens. We walked back to the first set of gardens, and then right into Monet’s house. Ofcourse it had all been renovated and open for public. It seemed as if someone actually lived there. It was that perfect! Well, I wish I could live there! And at that point of time, I was SO jealous of Monet! He actually lived here! Like seriously? And he worked on these gardens? He must have been one awesome person!

The house was gorgeous, as I mentioned already. There were small rooms on the left, and a huge living room. On the right side was the dining room and kitchen. On the first floor there were bedrooms, and washrooms. One huge window was open for public to look out into the gardens, which ofcourse looked beautiful.

11271088_1023770904302477_438150712_n 11251679_1023770737635827_1337521932_n


The house had a narrow corridor-balcony in the front side of the house. And all that was in green again. (Giggles) 😀


After looking at the whole place, I could actually cry like a baby, because that was a place so perfect for me to live in! But that wasn’t it. There was more scope to be jealous. Because what we were about to see next was something that I hadn’t planned on, but always dreamed of.

Oh, but before that – The food. We were starving by that time, so we went to eat in the only restaurant (read overpriced) that we had in sight. It was classy. Ofcourse, very expensive because it was in such a touristy place, but it was absolutely classy. La Capucine, it was called.
There was beautifully arranged seating outside. And again, it was kinda unreal. Like a movie set up. Red coloured chairs and tables, pebbles and trees and a small pond with fishes. I had a huge baguette sandwich with Tuna, a bag of my favourite barbeque flavoured lays, a croissant and a can of coca cola. Ah, very filling!


We had some time before we could get the bus that would take us back to the train station in Vernon, so we decided to walk around a bit.
We were walking a bit uphill, and thats when we came across a very beautiful huge field, next to a row of magnificient houses. And now I wasn’t just jealous of Monet, but also the people who must be living in these houses which were absolutely in fairy land.

As soon as I saw the field, my eyes glowed with excitement. I had always wanted to be in a place like that. You know, sometimes you imagine places that you want to be in? It was something like that for me. And right now, we were just at the bottom of the field. A more thrilling sight was yet to be seen.


We started walking up the field on the narrow lane next to the barbed wires. We reached the top and thats where I saw a view that my eyes had only daydreamed of. I felt as if I was on a cloud and I was looking down upon this fairyland. There were cows and horses in the fields. The wind was blowing and even though it was a little cold up there, I didn’t feel it at all. The cold wind was soothing and tranquil for me.


11258645_1023773850968849_1101684305_n 11272291_1023773840968850_456643166_n


I sat down on the grass, and I said to myself, ‘I don’t wanna leave this place anytime soon.’
There was no other sound, except that of birds chirping, crickets and the wind blowing hard. For a moment I took out my earphones to listen to music as I always do in scenic places. But here, I gave up on that idea, because I realized that the song of nature was much better than any other instrument or lyrics. I think I had tears in my eyes at some point. You might think I’m crazy, but thats what happens when you live your dreams. My home back in India is in a very crowded and noisy place, and I haven’t travelled much. I’ve never seen places like these, even though I’ve always wanted to. So of course, experiences like these would always make me teary eyed, whether it is in France or India. Because nature is the same everywhere . And so are the songs of nature. Though I wish I soon get a chance to see places like these in India, my motherland. That feeling would be so much more special and overwhelming, I’m sure. Because that has been one of my many other dreams since years. Though for this particular experience, I’m very grateful . Because it is not every day that you see your own version of heaven on Earth 🙂

All photos taken by me using iPhone 4, and edited using VSCO.

Splendid Nature .


Photograph taken on a hill in Verona, Italy.

In a dream
I was taken back in time.
To a strange land,
Some thousand years ago.
The sky was painted deep blue
And on Earth were shades of green.
Splendid were the things I noticed
Though already in life I had seen.

The cool breezes on that summer evening,
washed the weariness of my head.
My hair danced with the swinging winds,
as I walked along the shadows of a hundred trees.

Somewhere the crickets called out,
somewhere a different being.

As the sun went down
It painted the sky gold.
And then rose the night
That appeared young and bold.

I laid down on the fresh grass
That seemed like a bed of furs.
My eyes turned to the beauty above
That sheet of black and glitter.
It reminded me of the tears that fell,
when the nights seemed ugly and bitter.

One, two, three
I counted the stars.
Each one soothed the eyes.
The silence, the peace, the serenity.
“Oh I wish, like this,
forever I could lie.”
The beauty of nature was a trance
And my dream dissolved into a sound sleep.

It was only when I woke up to the buzzing of horns,
I looked out to the world of man,
Where the ignored wonders of nature longed for eyes to see.
Ten buildings and one patch of green.
Even during daylight,
black patches in the sky are seen.

And so much are we lost in the man made world,
That we make efforts to beautify our lives,
looking for peace Inside,
Ignoring the serenity that resides in the nature outside.

. Rains .


Taken this morning, in Upper Normandy, France. Vsco edit.

Raindrops on the window,
trickling down like tears.
The gates to heaven are open,
But is there rejoicing or weeping?

The sky turns dark,
but the world lightens up,
The ground turns muddy,
but the fragrance soothes the soul.

The gates to heaven are open,
But is there rejoicing or weeping?