Little Love Notes #2

Lightning strikes with his touch.
Bright, yet lethal.
His kisses on my skin,
Like tears of rain
on a lonely window pane.


Truly, Madly, Deeply.


You got me swinging in and out :
From dreams to daylight.
So close one moment ;
then out of sight.

You got me rolling with the winds.
Setting me free my love ; I got the wings!
You got me bouncing, dancing ;
Skipping heartbeats, panting.

Breathless I come to you.
Hopeless I cry to you.
You got my cup of love filled.
Baby its overflowing!
And there it spilled!

Dreamy eyes .


Many a sleepless nights I have spent,
longing for love.
With wide open dreamy eyes,
I’ve built many a wonderful stories.
With a breaking heart inside,
I’ve tried to cage in the bird of hope.

Every night I kept myself awake in desire,
Not wanting to fall asleep with a punctured heart.
But everytime someone came and slapped me to sleep.
And I woke up to reality with a bandaged heart and tired eyes.

Yet, only for the bandage to tear apart,
and bring me back to useless yearnings.

Because I know not how to live any other way.

This love that you seek .


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What is this love that you seek?
This futile desire that robs you of contentment.
This desire for more ; unceasingly more.

This love that you seek,
to replace every disappointment with.
To run away from the troubles
that won’t let you sleep at night.

What is this love that you seek?
This longing in your heart,
which has made you lifeless,
and yet it makes you feel alive.

This love that you seek ;
Not tender, but harsh.
An emotion you don’t know of.

What is this love that you seek?
A destructive love ; that would
consume you, and all the pain
of a lifeless beating heart.

This love that you seek,
is all but a vain desire
to fill an eternal void.