Virtual Friend


Dear virtual friend,
Meeting you was destined by the internet Gods.
In this world brought together by social media sites,
we found ourselves scrolling through each other’s profile;
late into the night, when the alarm clock was set for 7 in the morning,
but sleep was nowhere in sight.
Gone are the days our grandmothers recalled:
when a stamped letter brought news of her lover’s wellbeing.
Now our phones ping more often,
and they match the rhythm of our heartbeats.

You, more a mystery than a friend,
who I found on twitter, facebook, or Instagram,
We even stalked our linkedins, pinterest and quora.. damn!
Our lives painted out there with HTML,
brought to us by HTTPs,
Photos, videos and memories..
And we thought we knew each other.

On sleepless nights when you lay awake,
to make my insomnia your own,
I thought to myself if this was a new face of love..
If we were Romeo and Juliet, connected through phones..
Well, you couldn’t come running to my balcony,
because you didn’t know where I lived.
But you would keep your phone next to your heart,
Because for you, that’s where I exist.

You, my virtual friend,
were the therapist I might have needed,
if we hadn’t found each other.
We had no baggage, no tag, no status to update,
without a care for a third one to overhear,
we turned into guiding angels.
Angels who were messed up in their heads,
but made complete sense over texts.
We were angels who guided each other through the day,
with a good morning, an afternoon chat,
and a long conversation at the end of the day.
we have no regrets, we have no questions to answer,
We laughed for a while, and made each other smile;
we lent a helping text.

You, my virtual friend,
were a dream not turned into reality.
You were a dream that I dreamt for a long time,
but hey, not all of them come true!
And no, we have no tears to shed, for our story without an end.
Some dreams are beautiful because they remain untouched
by this real life we don’t comprehend.


To every person I see on social media .


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I never got to know you in person – maybe we texted once or twice – about something that concerned you, or me. The small talk that is now saved in our inbox for many, many years to come.

Maybe we smiled a little at each other’s post, as we scrolled through thousands of lives as part of our mundane routine. Maybe in a moment where you were crying yourself to sleep, I was envying the life you chose to show in photographs. Or maybe vice versa.

Maybe we wondered what it would have been like, if we knew each other. Not like we know each through our job titles and degrees and the places we visited. I’d rather ask you about the job you wanted to get and tried hard for ; the course that you really wanted to do at university ; and how you saved up for that hard earned trip to the mountains.

Maybe we wondered what it would be like – if I knew you, and you knew me. Maybe there was potential in us, together, to laugh together and wipe away each other’s tears. Maybe I was waiting for you to take the first step, and you were waiting for me to say hello.

Maybe we did, and we ended up with the small talk that is now saved in our inbox, for many many years to come.

Just wanted to tell you – that I appreciate you, and the way you’re keeping up with this life that can get so difficult to deal with at times ; I know. But remember, in this world so closely, yet loosely connected, I am just a text message away. Because hey, anyone with that blue badge on messenger – can be reached instantly!

Smiles and love to you!