Contemplating on the couch .

Her eyelids were heavy, at the peak hour in the afternoon. Her eyes full of sleep and dizziness, wanting to fall asleep on the couch. She lived in a house with an attic, and watched the raindrops falling on the window, that gave a view of other houses: the houses that she was taught how... Continue Reading →


In the woods .

Secretly talking, under the breath of the wind, gloomy and wild beyond repair. The woods are a secret pathway to nobody knows what. Yet we walk ahead, with visions of solace in wilderness. Crunching the corpses, tumbling on stones, we walk ahead, into the dark of the daylight. Standing tall, even when nature's dead around,... Continue Reading →

. Silence of the Night .

The rush hour has passed. The usual phase has come to start. The rain is pouring hard outside. I lie down and wonder with sleepy eyes. There's a storm outside, and there's a storm inside. Both are equally strong. Life takes its own turns. But maybe it's never wrong. Another day has gone. But I... Continue Reading →

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