Splendid Nature .

In a dream I was taken back in time. To a strange land, Some thousand years ago. The sky was painted deep blue And on Earth were shades of green. Splendid were the things I noticed Though already in life I had seen. The cool breezes on that summer evening, washed the weariness of my... Continue Reading →


From Bergamo, Italy .

Bergamo, Italy 07.03.15 Right now I'm sitting somewhere up in the hills in this pretty little town called Bergamo in Italy, near Milan. Its all about nature here. Even from our hostel balcony, we could see the hills and mountains and now this morning, we came up here on one of the hills. Its very... Continue Reading →

Whispering words .

I whispered a few words to a tree one day. And the gushes of winds, came along to hear. The chirping birds silenced their humming. And everything around was still to hear me. To the tree I said, ''Keep my secrets alive.'' To the winds I said, ''Carry my love to him, across the seas.''... Continue Reading →

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