A Journey on Bare Feet – Dalip Kaur Tiwana

A journey on bare feet is the story of writer Dalip Kaur Tiwana’s life. An autobiographical work, providing an interesting insight into the lesser known world of Punjabi women in the late 20th century. The work starts with a narration of the author’s childhood in her family home, where she lived in a big joint... Continue Reading →

Corona Diaries #1

      As we entered the new decade, everyone was full of hope and unmatched excitement. The ‘20s’ it would be called. Hadn’t we all secretly thought to ourselves how we’ll be recounting our adventures of the 20s just like our parents did, referring to their retro style of the 60s and their favorite actors from... Continue Reading →

Saawan ki Deewali

Kal patjhad ki thandi hawaayein na thi,Na thi wo baazaro mein raunak.Magar kal aankh khuli toh Deewali thi. Deep hazaaro jale,iss kalyug ke kaale baadalo ke tale.Ye saawan ki Deewali thi,Dange-fasaado ne paali thi. Ise wo Deewali na samjhein,jo acchhai ki jeet ka jashn manati hai.Ye wo paavan Deewali nahi,Ye toh insaano ko Raavan banati... Continue Reading →

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